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Weight Loss Programs - Jeffrey P. Pardee, M.D. - Medical Weight Loss Center

Tailored to You

We believe that losing weight is more than just a diet. To be successful, you need to make lifestyle changes. We provide counseling to assist you in your journey to become thinner, healthier, and happier!  We give you the TOOLS  to make smart nutrition choices everywhere from the grocery store to the drive-thru.  All of our programs are personalized for each individual. We consider your current health and physical condition when helping you decide which of our programs will be most effective for you. We also provide nutrition and exercise counseling to help you realize your weight loss goals.

Metabolic Weight Loss - Jeffrey P. Pardee, M.D

Metabolic Weight Loss

This program combines a common sense diet and medications such as phentermine to improve your metabolic rate and suppress your appetite.  Visits are scheduled monthly at which point medications will be reviewed.
Rapid Weight Loss - Oklahoma City

Rapid Weight Loss-HCG

The Rapid Weight Loss Program is a program for patients who have 40 or more pounds to lose.  This plan involves a very low calorie diet plan and injections of Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin, or HCG five days per week.  This helps to maintain a high energy level, reduce appetite, and mobilize fat stores for more rapid fat burning.  This is an eight week program followed by two weeks of stabilization in which the injections are given once a week.
Weight Loss Injections - Jeffrey P. Pardee, M.D. - Oklahoma City

Weight Loss Injections

We also offer injections of Lipoden Extreme, B12 and B Complex.  These injections offer many benefits in aiding in weight loss including reducing the storage of fat, increasing your metabolism and giving you more energy.


Each person is different and our customized approach, tailored to individual needs, allows us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle.

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